7 SMARTER Ways to Make Your Essay LONGER (100% Proven Tips)

Essay Writing Help UK Experts REVEAL 7 Rules for Meeting the Word Count!

Essay Writing Help UK Experts REVEAL 7 Rules for Meeting the Word Count!

13 Mar, 2020


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7 Golden Rules of Essay Writing
Structure & Word Limit of an Eye-Catchy Essay
7 Essay Writing Techniques for Increasing the Word Count
How to Write a Long Essay Fast?

“How to make an essay have more words?” is the first question which arises in the mind of the students who fail to generate enough words/phrases for filling the required space. And, let us not forget how strict the professors are when it comes to word count. For every one wordless, your chance of getting an A+ will drop by 1%. The students often reach to the professionals of essay writing help UK websites for the answer, but fail to get a satisfying answer.

Hello, students! Welcome to the informative blog which contains the answer to your question, “How to increase the word count of an essay?” The write-up shares proven techniques to achieve the word limit without getting noticed. Grab yourself a pen and paper as you begin reading further!
7 Golden Rules of Essay Writing for Increasing the Word Count!
Ohh…I am 200 words short for writing a 3,000 words essay. God, please help me.
Congratulations! Your prayer has been answered. Yes, you read it right. Below are 7 golden rules for raising the text length. But, before moving further, let us shed light on how lengthy a ‘good’ essay is.
Structure & Word Limit of an Eye-Catchy Essay

Essay Title (11-13 Words)
Introduction (120 Words)
H1 (240 Words): Topic Sentence → Explanation → Examples → Important Point
H2 (240 Words): Topic Sentence → Explanation → Examples → Important Point
H3 (240 Words): Topic Sentence → Explanation → Examples → Important Point
H4 (240 Words): Topic Sentence → Explanation → Examples → Important Point
H5 (240 Words): Topic Sentence → Explanation → Examples → Important Point
Conclusion (120 Words): Restate Thesis → General Conclusions → Final Concluding Statement

Now, you must have got the answer to the question, “how long is an essay in college/school?” Moreover, as per the essay writing help UK team of professionals, re-introduction of arguments, making a sentence wordy, using unnecessary literary devices, etc., gets easily notified by the professor. However, here are 7 essay writing rules for helping you fill the required space unnoticed.
7 Essay Writing Techniques
1..2…3…Let us begin!
1. Use Transition Words/Phrase: It is one of the most legitimate technique which kills two bird with a single stone. On the one hand, it will increase your essay words, and on the other hand, it will help in keeping the language formal. For the ones who don’t know, transition words/phrases are used for connecting two ideas within a paragraph. Some of the widely used word/phrases are:
With this in mind
With regards to this
You must have got the idea, right?

2. Plan a Paragraph Structure: The genuine essay writing service UK service providers explain that planning the format beforehand helps a student to incorporate more words than usual. Well, the reason is simple. When a student has known the important aspects, the chances of missing out information reduces, resulting in more number of words. A typical paragraph structure looks like:
Topic sentence
Main point
Supporting evidence
Argument (if any)
This is one of the important tips for writing a 5 paragraph essay.
3. Elaborate Your Sentences: You might argue that on one end, it is recommended to avoid using wordy sentences, and on the other end, this tip demands elaboration of phrases. However, it is high time that students should understand that there is a very fine line between being ‘over-wordy’ and ‘unnoticed over-wordy.’ Let us understand this tip with the help of some examples:
Apply ‘to be’ constructions: “He drives fast.” can be changed to “he is a fast driver.”
Restore verbs with nouns: “He resoluted.” can be replaced with “He made a resolution.”
Introduce descriptions: “He was tired.” can be changed to “He was tired as he walked 5 k.m. to reach the office.”
Replace Pronouns: Use “he & his subordinates,” instead of using “they”
So, instead of asking, “how to make an essay have more words?” to the cheap essay helpers, implement this awesome rule and combat with the word limit.
4. Add Additional Ideas: This essay writing tip will assist the majority of the students struggling with their essay. All you need to do is read your academic paper again and again. Doing so will generate more ideas/arguments in your mind related to the essay topic, and this will result in solving the purpose. This approach can be implemented in two ways:
Check whether the supported argument details the paragraph aspects or not. If the answer is no, then you know what to do, right?
Break a long paragraph comprising of two or more ideas into smaller paragraphs. Elaborating the small paragraphs will further assist you in meeting your professor’s demand.
5. As Your Friend To Read Your Paper: Do not re-read your document again and again as you are already familiar with the words and arguments used. And, therefore, the chances are high that you will be unable to find loopholes in your paper. How about asking a friend for help? Sounds great, isn’t it? The essay writing help UK experts illustrate that your essay topic and information will be new to your friend, and therefore, he can easily identify if you have done complete justice with the topic or not. In case he feels dissatisfied, you can back-up some more information to make the point strong.
6. Put Yourself in Reader’s Shoes: Again, an important tip for the ones looking for the answer to the query, “How to make an essay long?” What you have to do is to keep yourself on the reader’s side and examine your essay. Analyze the points where they can disapprove from your viewpoint and raise an opposition. Now, after you have known the points, support the counterarguments to ensure that there is no place to raise disapproval in your academic paper. In this way, you will uplift the word count while keeping the central idea of the essay topic alive.
7. Avoid the ‘Obvious’: The genuine essay writing service UK experts highlight that this isn’t a ‘tip’ but a collection of ‘tips.’ Generally, student adopts to several obvious practices for meeting the word count requirement and fail miserably. Therefore, if you want to transform your dream of getting an A+ into reality, then stay away from the below mentioned ‘useless’ tricks. Remember, your class professor has witnessed such practices for decades, and yours isn’t new for him.

Do not rephrase an argument
Do not over-exaggerate a point/idea
Do not talk out of context. Stick to the essay topic
Avoid repeating the thesis statement in each paragraph

So, these were the 7 golden rules of essay writing for drafting an impeccable of paper within the prescribed word limit. Moreover, bringing these tips into practice isn’t an overnight task. Slowly and gradually, students can learn to implement them in their essay. While you are busy learning these techniques, let online essay writers take care of your valuable marks.
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Happy Academic Year!

7 SMARTER Ways to Make Your Essay LONGER (100% Proven Tips)

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