Select a blog entry about the impact of communication technologies on corporate culture from a well-known thinker. Search for a blog that interests you or chooses from the following: Andrew McAfee’s blog: Jonathan Zittrain’s blog: Based on the blog entry, respond to the following items: 1. Briefly summarize the topic of the blog entry. 2. According to the entry, what is the impact of communication technology on corporate culture? 3. Describe your feelings and attitudes regarding the entry. Do you agree or disagree with certain points? Are you enthusiastic or pessimistic about various parts of the entry? 4. Explain how the topic will impact you in the workplace. View Less >>
There’s an almost negligible difference between the great and terrible parts of anonymity on the Internet. One of the incredible parts of anonymity is that it gives wellbeing to the person. Anonymity gives individuals the opportunity of articulation without direct results, as nobody knows who the individual may be. Anonymity can undoubtedly help encourage activities, for example, digital tormenting, stalking and support of Internet trolls (Zittrain, 2011). Get solution

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