ContextCustomer experience is the perception of an organisation’ experience in the eyes of thecustomer. Building a customer experience strategy to improve customer experiences isimportant to strengthen and build long term customer relationships and align theorganisation with the needs of the customer.In this assessment task, you will apply your acquired knowledge to create a unified customerexperience strategy. To do this, you will build on assessment 2 to analyse and communicatehow your chosen organisation will manage customer experience(s) towards achievingcustomer loyalty.Your aim is to illustrate and communicate a CEM strategy proposing a better serviceoffering. Using experience mapping tools, the report should account for how the CEM BIZ104 Assessment Brief 3 Page 2 of 6strategy provides the organisation with a competitive advantage. This assessment taskprovides you with an insight into an activity that maybe part of your job role in the future.InstructionsYou are to continue with the role of consultant for your selected organisation as inAssessment 2 Customer Experience Strategy: Research Outcomes. To complete thisassessment task, you need to prepare a report to persuade the management staff of yourchosen organisation of a better approach to managing their customers’ experience(s).This assessment involves the following activities:1. Introduce briefly the organisation you have chosen: the industry it competes in, itsbackground and its service offering. Consider and implement the feedback receivedfrom assessment 2.2. Identify and differentiate 2 customer segments (from research undertaken forassessment 2) using personas to illustrate and communicate their unique customerperspectives3. Take the Voice of the Customer (VOC) and customer feedback obtained fromprimary and secondary research (in assessment 2) into account in forming thecustomer experience strategy.4. Connect customer experience maps and alignment diagrams with a business valueproposition for the 2 customer segments identified above.5. Highlight briefly, how your CEM strategy will offer a better service to yourorganisation’s customers.6. Write a conclusion.7. Follow APA 6th edition style of referencing to cite your academic resources andprovide a reference list. Please see the Academic Skills page on Blackboard for information on referencing in APA 6th: _1&content_id=_2498849_1t View Less >>
Introduction The organisation McDonald’s has been selected as an organisation for the present study, and the selected business organisation is competing in the fast food industry. McDonald’s was founded in the year 19450 and at present, the organisation is a leading fast-food company in the world (McDonald’s About us, 2018). The products and services offered by McDonald’s include wraps, hamburgers, salads, McNuggets, Sandwich etc. From the assessment second, it has been identified that customer has rated the services offered by McDonald’s as bad and the reason behind this is that currently, the organisation is not offering an adequate selection for healthy choices. The employees taking order are not at patience, and this is another major problem which has affected the customer experience and satisfaction level. Furthermore, the employees working in McDonald’s are not friendly, and they do not speak clearly which has created a high degree of dissatisfaction among the customers Get solution

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