Bill who is 65 years of age, lives with chronic hypertension. Bill lives in a small coastal town and describes himself as “semi-retired”. He works part-time at the local golf course as a grounds man. Bill is married however; the marriage has experienced extreme difficulties over the past 5 years following his diagnosis. His wife Betty describes him as “a crabby old man” who is constantly complaining about “everything”. Bill has two grown children and 5 grandchildren who all live in distant states. He loves to go fishing in his spare time and is a keen gardener however, is finding it increasingly difficult to perform heavy manual labour due to his age and declining health. Bill is also extremely overweight (98kg and 168cm tall) and avoids going to see his GP as much as possible. He likes to eat take away food and makes many poor life style choices such as drinking too much red wine and not exercising enough. Betty is now threatening to leave Bill and is seeking counselling in relation to the unhappy state of this marriage and the consequent stress and anxiety it is causing her. Bill is in denial that there is a problem with the marriage and has started spending a large amount of time at the local Hotel playing the “pokies”. Consequently, the family’s financial status is not solid as money seems to keep disappearing at a rapid rate. Recently, they have not had enough money to pay the rates and are rapidly slipping behind in home loan repayments. Bill has also recently been experiencing problems with his vision, but refuses to seek help to rectify this choosing to buy cheap five dollar spectacles from the local chemist. Bill is worried that if his health declines further his wife will put him in a nursing home. “That will be the end of me to go into one of those dog box homes” he told his next-door neighbour. Bill also frequently indicates “it’s my life and no one is going to tell me what to do- those young quack doctors think they know it all and just want to pump me with pills”. At the doctor’s office last week, Bill stated to the registered nurse that since he had been taking the blood pressure pills he was feeling a little better and had been able to work in the garden more on the weekend and did not need to take a “breather” so often at work, He requested a repeat prescription from the doctor. In relation to his weight he also indicated that he’d heard about Dr Slims new weight loss program that was advertised on the TV and wanted to know if “those shakes really work”? He then admitted he was only trying to lose weight due to his wife’s nagging. “If she could learn to cook better I’d eat at home more,” he said. Using the case study details provided – Choose One of the Three Scenarios.Apply the theory, terms and concepts encountered throughout NURS11157 to analyse and discuss the behaviours of Either Bill, Ahmed or Ella. An essay format is required including an abstract, table of content, introduction, discussion, conclusion and a reference list. Resources have been provided in the unit Moodle site to assist with preparing this assessment. View Less >>
Hypertension and overweight are the two chronic disorders which can severely affect the life of an individual along with his/her relationship with the family members. Hypertension is a chronic disease which is common now a day because of the lifestyle an individual follows, anxiety and stress at workplace. Overweight is the problem facing by the individuals because of the unhealthy food habits, more intake of alcohol and no schedule for exercise. The condition of Bill is a perfect case study to discuss Get solution

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