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Big data is referred to like the sets of data which are very large in size and complex in nature for the purpose of handling it through the use of traditional use 1.Big data helps in capturing, storing, analyzing, sharing and getting privacy information of data. It is connected with three concepts,i.e. volume, variety, and velocity. The analysis is being used for a sinister purpose which helps to extract large sets of data very easily. Big data is the new and trendy way of analyzing the data which is most relevant to the data ecosystem. It is bringing new dynamics in the data world. Marine industry deals with various sets of data which is very huge in quantity. The data is used for navigation and other purposes that help in the proper working of the industry 2.Therefore, bigdata analytics are being used to analyze this huge set of data so that proper insight can be made in to the decisions that are being made for improving the efficiency rate. Based on the research shall focus on the usage of big data in the marine industry. It will be accompanied by giving a proper insight into the challenges and opportunities that are being presented by big data in the marine industry Get solution

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