Legal Psychology

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What is Legal Psychology?

Legal psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with the theoretical and practical training of organizations in the legal sector and any other familiar persons. It mostly deals with subjects that are related to decision making by the jury and the observer jury.

Legal Psychology

Legal Psychology

The main aim of legal psychology is to discover the various aspects of the relationship and involvement between the law and psychology. This is to help focus the sympathy of the execution of the legal organization and proceeding through different methods of investigation as well as assessing the rationality of the psychological expectations.

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Major Roles of Legal Psychologists


  • Education and Research – a great number of legal psychologists work in universities and colleges as professors in the department of psychology, criminal justice and traditional schools. Just like any other professors, legal psychologists are expected to carry out research and make experienced research publications. They are also involved in teaching different classes and act as consultants to both undergraduate and graduate students. Legal psychologists mostly work in law schools.
  • Expert Witness – a majority of psychologists are usually trained on legal issues. However, some lack formal training and are usually called by upon by permitted parties to testify in court as expert witnesses. Expert witnesses are called in criminal trials to testify on testimonies of eye witnesses, in identifying problems, the ability to stand tests as well as the possibility of death qualifying life. In criminal courts, extraordinary evidence that is given on the power of defense and intelligence is often used as additional evidence that can be prosecuted.
  • Making Policies and Statutory Guidance – it is common for psychological legislative policies to be imposed on public policies. They can also influence or be required by the state to help in resolving policy issues arising from inexperienced research. Psychologists who often work in public policies are expected to make suggestions or to assist in the process of assessing new legal practices.
  • Advisory Roles – it is common for legal psychologists to take up advisory roles in the judicial systems. They often give advice to legal decision makers such as judges. They advise them on the psychological findings connected to the issues of a particular case. Legal psychologists who work as court counsels play advisory roles to people who act as expert witnesses although they work outside the domain of systems of science.
  • Amicus Brief – legal psychologists provide briefing to courts. In America, legal psychologists have briefed courts on mental illness and mentality among other factors. Usually, scientific data and references are a representation of amicus briefs.
  • Trial Consultation – a number of legal psychologists work for the trial. For one to become a trial consultant, they don’t necessarily have to have a special training. However, those who wish to work as trail consultants are expected to possess an advanced degree.

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Legal Psychology

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