Nursing Research and Statistics Experts

Nursing Research and Statistics Experts

Statistics can be defined as a branch of mathematics that deals with collecting data, analyzing it, interpreting, presenting and organizing data. It can also be defined as the science that deals with the collection, analysis and inferencing from data.

Nursing Research and Statistics Experts

Nursing Research and Statistics Experts

Research experts and consumers of research should understand statistics for them to stay informed. In addition, statistics helps them in the assessment of the usefulness and credibility of information.

In the world we are living in today, information is very important and much of this information can only be obtained from statistics. Research in nursing provides evidence that supports nursing practices.

Nursing is a field that relies on practice that is evidence-based. A lot of nurses work as researchers in universities and in the health care system. during training, emphasis is put on the use of evidence obtained from research.

Research in nursing falls into two categories:

  • Quantitative research – this research is based on paradigm of positive logic. It focuses on outcomes that can be measured by use of statistics. The major research method is the randomized controlled trial.
  • Qualitative research – this research is based on the paradigm of ethnography, phenomenology and grounded theory. It studies the experience of individuals delivering or receiving nursing care. It mainly focuses on its meaning for an individual. The common research methods used in qualitative research are case studies, ethnography, interviews and focus groups.

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Research designs useful to nursing

There are a wide of questions in nursing that straddle major paradigms. Nursing has therefore embraced a wide range of research designs to utilize the value of critical approaches and methods in its research.

Nursing literature used today covers wide range of research design. They range from cohort studies and randomized trials that are controlled.

What is the Importance of Statistics in Nursing?

According to our nursing research and statistics experts, statistics is important in nursing for the following reasons:

  • Statistics is used by nurses in the identification of patterns of important signs and symptoms of diseases to be able to make informed decisions to help them respond better to the changing medical status of the patient.
  • Nurses use frequency charts and data sheets to record the timing of medications to be given to patients. This is one of the ways they use statistics.
  • Statistics is used my medical professionals in the evaluation of studies that gauge the efficacy of interventions and treatments.
  • In health, statistics conveys important information on the health of a community.
  • Knowledge in nursing is mostly based on empirical research. This knowledge plays an important role in development of nursing practice that is based on evidence.
  • Interpretation and use of quantitative findings gathered from nursing research is one of the important skills required of advanced practice nurses. This skill helps them to offer the best nursing care.
  • Statistics is an important part of the nursing profession.
  • Lastly, statistics in nursing directly affects the care given to patients in different settings and has an effect on the ability to make changes in procedures and policies.

Why do Nurses need Statistics?

Statistics is one of the courses offered to nurses who go back to school to further their education. Nurses do not need statistics in their daily work but they should learn the basics of statistics to be able to apply evidence-based practice to the care they give.

Statistics and statisticians play an important role in national development. Statistics plays an important role in industry, science, business and health. In the last decade, progress has been made in the filed of statistics. People can now collect and use data.

People can conduct experiments and utilize evidence in making decisions as opposed to using intuition. Advancement in technology and the use od computers and network revolutions have made it easier to collect and store data. Modern day software has further made it easier to analyze huge amounts of data.

Nurses use statistical measures from time to time. Examples of scenarios where statistics is used in nursing include recording the growth of infants in percentiles and monitoring the arterial pressure of patients.

Statistics helps nurses to apply the most recent and up to date evidence to deliver care to patients. It is important for nurses to be aware of common terms used in statistics. Statistical concepts such as reliability and validity are important when nurses review research on healthcare and reading journals to learn about new treatments and best practices.

Today, patients rely on the internet to research about their medical conditions. Knowledge in statistics can help nurses help patients to go through online sources to find the answers they are looking for.

Nurses are often required to teach patients about low and high-risk behaviors. In addition, they help them to understand the side effects of treatments. Statistics therefore helps nurses to offer patients answers that are fact-based and give them the reassurance they need.

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How does statistics help in the career advancement of nurses?

Statistics is important for nurses who wish to advance their careers to nursing instructors, nurse educators, nurse managers and nurse researchers. Expertise in statistics is important in healthcare research and nursing careers.

Research nurses are responsible for developing studies to measure patient outcomes and specific variables. Knowledge in statistics helps nurses to read, understand and interpret research findings in medicine and nursing.

Statistical methods are used in research reporting. It is very important to understand significant research findings and determine whether they can be used to generalize specific groups of people.

Nurse researchers can use statistics to identify and interpret changes and trends in healthcare data that can help make improve patient care thereby saving costs. A course in nursing research and statistics helps nurses acquire information and tools they to be able to understand and apply research in healthcare.

How Do Nurses Apply Statistics in Their Job?

Statistics has proven to help nurse improve and enhance the care they give to patients. Statistics helps nurses to determine patients that need immediate medical attention, those that need a follow-up and in prioritizing treatment.

Nurses often use statistics to point out patterns in signs and symptoms so that they can respond effectively to medical changes of their patients.

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Nursing Research and Statistics Experts

Nursing Research and Statistics Experts



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