What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the combination of the design, synthesis, manipulation, fabrication and application of functional devices, materials and systems at the Nano scale and they are one billionth of a meter.



The manipulated minute scale behaves in a manner that is unpredictable and even assumes totally new properties. It is for this reason that scientists use nanotechnology in developing economical and novel systems and materials that consist of inimitable properties.

Nanotechnology is not described or identified according to the type of system being studied but rather based on a scale that supports it to be transversal. Nanotechnology has a massive impact on our society and is believed to have the ability to lead industrial revolution of the 21st century.

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Today, nanotechnology is mostly applied in developing countries in the prevention of problems related to health and treatment of diseases. Nanotechnology has been used in industrial and purification processes.  In recent days, nanotechnology has become very crucial to researchers in the healthcare field.  It has aided the improvement of delivery of drugs, food security and water purification systems.

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Types of Nanotechnology in Nanotechnology Assignment Help

There are different types of nanotechnology categorized according to their particular way of proceeding (bottom-up or top-down) and the nature of the atmosphere in which these nanotechnologies work (either wet or dry atmosphere).

Types of nanotechnology include:

  1. Ascending (bottom up) – this type of nanotechnology originates with nanometric structures such as a molecule and through the assembly or process of self-assembly which is a greater mechanism than the one initially created.
  2. Descending (top-down) – structures and mechanisms are scales down in the nanoscale. They range from 1 to 100 nanometers in size. The descending type of nanotechnology is the most frequent type of nanotechnology in the field of electronics to date.
  3. Wet nanotechnology – this is the type of nanotechnology that works on biological systems that exist in a watery atmosphere. Examples of aqueous atmosphere are enzymes, membranes, genetic materials and any other cellular modules.
  4. Dry nanotechnology – this is the type of nanotechnology that is utilized in the making of structures in silicon, carbon, metals, inorganic materials and semiconductors all of which do not work well with humidity.

Application of Nanotechnology


  1. Environment – nanotechnology is applied in various environmental conservation efforts such as development of non-polluting materials like energy and processes, disinfection of the soil, water instability, treatment of wastewater, recycling of materials and the recognition of toxic gases and harmful elements. Nano sensors are used to help in these processes.
  2. Medicine – applications of nanotechnology in the field of medicine is known as nano-medicine. In nano-medicine, drug nano-carriers are expanded and directed to the specific parts of the body and can be useful in the cure of syndromes and cancers. There are molecular biosensors that have the ability of detecting elements of concern such as biomarker of viruses and glucose. Nanobots are programmed to identify and destroy tumor cells or repair tissues such as nanoparticles that are used to treat bone tissue with fractures.
  3. Energy – nanotechnology helps in developing ways of creating energy and systems of storage especially the ones that can be renewed for example energy-based hydrogen and solar energy.
  4. Information and communication expertise – nanotechnology is applied in the expansion of storage systems used to data to larger capacities and reducing their current sizes, making of content-based screens with improved tractability, transparency in addition to improvement of quantum computers.

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