A+ Mental Health Experts

A+ Mental Health Experts

What is Mental Health?

Mental health is the state of wellbeing whereby a person is aware of their abilities, can be productive in their work, can handle the normal stress of life, and can contribute to their community.

A+ Mental Health Experts

A+ Mental Health Experts

Mental health is important to us as human beings as it helps us to think, interact, show emotions and work to earn a living to enjoy life. Therefore, it is necessary to promote, protect and restore mental health. Mental health is a key component of a person, their community, and societies around the world.

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Determinants of Mental Health

At any time, there are several psychological, social, and biological factors that determine a person’s level of mental health. Common risks to mental health are continuous socio-economic pressures and violence. This can be proven by evidence that is associated with

sexual violence.

Other forms of socio-economic pressures that can easily lead to poor mental health are gender discrimination, rapid social change, stressful work conditions, unhealthy lifestyle, social exclusion, human rights violations, and physical illness.

In addition to the socio-economic factors, there are a number of personalities and psychological factors that can make a person vulnerable to mental health issues and a good example is genetic factors.

Factors that Contribute to Mental Illnesses

Mental illness is the term used to refer to a group of illnesses that affect a person’s perceptions, thinking, mood or behavior. In most cases, mental illness interferes with a person’s ability to work, their relationships, and much more.

However, mental illness can be easily managed with medication and counseling.

Psychological Factors

Some of the known psychological factors that contribute to mental illness are;

  • Neglect
  • Loss such as loss of a parent
  • Severe psychological trauma as a child for example sexual abuse
  • Inability to relate to others

Environmental Factors

Certain factors can trigger mental illness in a person who is already vulnerable to mental illness. These factors include;

  • A dysfunctional family
  • Death or divorce
  • Low self-esteem, anger, anxiety, loneliness, and feeling inadequate
  • Changing schools or jobs
  • Substance abuse by the person or their parents
  • Social and cultural expectations

Biological Factors

Some of the common mental illnesses have been linked to the abnormal functioning of nerve cell circuits that connect specific regions of the brain. Brain circuits have nerve cells that communicate through chemicals called neurotransmitters.

  • Genetics – some mental illnesses run in families. This means that people with a family member suffering from a mental illness are likely to develop one too. Susceptibility or vulnerability is passed through genes. It is believed that mental illnesses are related to abnormalities in many genes instead of just one. The interaction of genes and the environment is unique for every person. In itself, mental illness occurs as a result of the interaction of many genes and other factors that can trigger or influence illness in a person who is already vulnerable.
  • Brain injury/defects – some mental illnesses occur as a result of defects or injurers of the brain.
  • Prenatal damage – evidence suggests that when early fetal brain development is disrupted or when trauma occurs during birth could lead to the development of mental conditions such as autism spectrum disorder.
  • Infections – there are several infections linked to brain damage as well as the development of mental illnesses. An example is the pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder which is connected to the development of the obsessive-compulsive disorder in children.
  • Substance abuse -substance abuse that goes on for a long time is linked to paranoia, anxiety, and depression

Promotion of Mental Health

Promoting mental health involves taking actions to enhance the psychological well-being of a person. Mental health promotion involves the creation of an environment that promotes mental health.

A supportive environment respects and protects the basic political, civil, socio-economic, and cultural rights that are important to mental health. Lack of the freedom and security offered by these rights helps in maintaining mental health.

It is important for national mental health policies to focus on mental disorders as well as on issues on the promotion of mental health. The promotion of mental health should be included in mainstream government and nongovernmental programs and policies.

The focus should not only be put on the health sector but also on the labor, education, justice, environment, housing, and welfare sectors. Some of the ways mental health can be promoted are;

  • Supporting children through life skills programs, child and youth development programs.
  • Early childhood interventions such as providing stable environments that are sensitive to the nutritional and health needs of the children and protecting them from threats, giving them opportunities for early interactions and learning that are emotionally supportive, responsive, and developmentally stimulating.
  • Socio-economic empowerment of women by improving their access to microcredit schemes and education.
  • Offering social support to the elderly
  • Developing programs targeting the vulnerable
  • Conducting mental health promotional activities in schools and learning institutions.
  • Promoting mental health interventions at workplaces
  • Establishing housing policies
  • Developing programs for the prevention of violence
  • Establishing community development programs
  • Social protection and poverty eradication for the poor
  • Antidiscrimination campaigns and laws
  • Promoting the rights, care, and opportunities for people with mental disorders.

Mental Healthcare and Treatment

Governments should not only focus on developing mental health policies but also address the needs of people suffering from mental disorders. Some of the interventions that are feasible, affordable, and cost-effective are;

  • Treatment of psychosis using antipsychotic medicines and psychosocial support
  • Treatment of depression using the psychological treatment for moderate and severe cases and antidepressant medicines.
  • Taxing alcoholic beverages and restricting their availability and marketing

Other intervention measures exist for the prevention and treatment of mental disorders in children, treatment of disorders caused by substance use, prevention, and treatment of dementia, and prevention of suicide.

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