Bad News to Customers: Stuck in Berlin Without a Credit card travel writer Blair Rhines was mystified when the sales clerk at a Berlin department store refused her credit card. “Sorry,” the clerk said, “your credit card is not being accepted. I don’t know why.” Rhines found out soon enough. Her bank had frozen her account because of an “unusual” spending pattern. The problem? “We’ve never had a charge from you in Germany before,” bank official told her. The bank didn’t seem to remember that Rhines had repeatedly used that card in cities ranging from Boston to Tokyo to Capetown over the past six years, each time without incident. View Less >>
Dear Ms. Rhines, We are writing this letter in order to explain to you the scenario related to the use of your credit card at the time of you travel to Berlin. We apologize to you wholeheartedly for the problem and discomfiture that you might have faced as a result of this. We would firstly like to thankyou for bringing the issue to our notice and giving us a chance to clarify our part. The whole scenario depicts that you have been a target of a false positive; which is what transpires when genuine cardholder is troubled by our structure through the search for impostors. Get solution

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