In addition to looking at your resume and scheduling an interview, a potential employer may search the web to find out information about you. A recent Career Builder survey found that 39 percent of employers look at applicants’ use of online social networks, and 43 percent of those found information that caused them not to hire the applicant.

Once employed, your manager still may track your online activity. Companies are concerned about damaged reputations, or even lawsuits. Employee actions that worry their employers include discussing company sales activity, griping about their managers or customers, or posting photos that show them taking part in unethical, illegal, or unsavory activities.

Social network-related firings have raised the question of whether companies should monitor employees’ online social network activity. Accessing an employee’s or a potential employee’s social network profile also could have consequences for the company. If a company realizes that a person is a member of a minority group or has a disability, the company could face discrimination charges if it does not hire or later fires the employee. Privacy experts state that your online social network posts are your own business.

This assignment fulfills/supports: Recognized how posting online can affect a professional career.


Answer the following questions:

1. Do an online search of your name. Did you find some things that surprised you? If so discuss what you found or didn’t find and what may or may not have surprised you.

2. Do some research to find out how to “clean” your name online. (Remember you can not delete easily what you post online)

3. Do you think it is ethical for employers to conduct online searches of potential employees. Express your thoughts on this topic.

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