Task details 1500 Words This element requires you to work in a team (2-3 members) to come up with an innovative information health system. The system should be related to emerging topics from the list provided (see below): Infusion Pump •Artificial intelligence Two outputs will be required:•A project report Students will be required to provide evidence, usually via Blackboard, of their active participation in the team project. Furthermore each team member is expected to take ownership of one or more parts of the report. Team members are required to reflect in their critique on their individual contribution and team contributions and performances, as well as the quality of parts of the report produced. This, together with the relative weightings of the elements, means that a student who diligently attempts to contribute to the team but is in a poorly performing team can nonetheless gain a good mark. The report should investigate the status quo (existing theory, common practice) from literature. It should contribute the students’ own ideas opinions and recommendations to the community as a starting point for further investigation and discussion. It does not require the thorough experimentation and original research normally required for an academic paper. The pitch should be an elaborately prepared presentation of the project in which each member of the team takes an active role. The goal of the pitch is to withstand scrutiny by the panel and convince it that the project is innovative, valuable, well-considered and investment-worthy (think “Dragon’s Den”). Some of the team work will be done in the workshops under supervision. The lecturer will be available during those slots to clarify issues and provide context, but not to add to the report. Such meetings should be documented and submitted with the team work. Idea I’ve chosen (Highlighted above):Infusion Pump link it with Artificial Intelligence to come up with Automated Infusion Pump:https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21881398https://spectrum.ieee.org/biomedical/devices/ai-could-provide-momentbymoment-nursing-for-a-hospitals-sickest-patientshttps://searchhealthit.techtarget.com/feature/How-technology-can-improve-medical-device-safety-in-infusion-pumps1. Appropriate discussion in the context of relevant literature from the existing related journals and book sources? This should cover a report of investigation of the status quo (existing theory, common practice)?- We need to discuss as well: – ▪Stakeholders (Patients, Health Providers & Practitioners)▪Feasibility (the state or degree of being easily or conveniently done.)▪How it is useful for Patients▪How will it be improved (the actual pump that is already in use)▪How safe it is for the life of Patients▪ Strategies rather than focusing on the technology itself, we need to focus more on how to make sure technology (Automatic Infusion Bump) fits the organisation (Hospitals, GPs & Homecare) and the organisation fits the proposed technology (Automated Infusion Pump).-We need to have a wider awareness of the solution. -We need to specify where the problem is (in our case Infusion Pump errors by humans or manufacturer itself), then have much more understanding of the organisation or the context of that problem. 2.Analyse the current situation (Which is Infusion Pump) and identified opportunities for improvement and Solutions?-What is the innovation?-How are we going to implement the Technology? the process?-What is the impacts? (Quality, Costs, Safety, Efficiency & Outcomes)-Should cover points (in green) inthe below diagram and reflect on it:3.Critical thinking to develop your arguments and made relevant and cogentrecommendations? View Less >>
Introduction The common causes behind patient’s high-risk conditions are considered as medication errors that may occur either due to lack of training or ignorance of nurses. More than 200 million medication errors happen in NHS every year. This problem can be resolved by making use of fully automated pumps by introducing innovations and modernizing the IV Smart pumps as errors keep on occurring even with the use of smart pumps. The convenience that needs to be added in the automated pumps is that the users should press just one or two buttons and rest of the machine will act upon what is desired automatically. It must be flexible from operation to operation. There would be in-built safety features in the automated pumps. The emphasis must be given towards reducing human interactions and making the system independent reacting to the alerts given for patient’s safety.  Get solution

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