Article critique writing guide homework

Article critique writing guide

As a student, you will do many assignments throughout your academic life. One of them will be writing an article critique. This is different from your regular assignment, as it requires some special structural requirements. You might find it overwhelming and challenging. In such a scenario, you need someone to provide you with an article critique writing guide. HIRE WRITERS ONLINE.

Article critique writing guide
Article critique writing guide

Generally, an article critique is an analysis of literary or scientific written pieces. You have to analyze it and come up with a conclusion whether the writer based his writing on facts. To do this, you have to come up with supporting evidence and arguments. The best way is to critique an article you find interesting. It will be hard to lose enthusiasm in working on such an article. An article critique may be written in different formatting styles, such as APA, Harvard, or MLA. It all depends on the instructions from your professors.

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  • We critically follow the rules of article critique writing guide.

Most of the time, students will summarize an article and leave it to that, without analyzing and challenging the article.

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  • Writing negative critique only

Although the main focus is analyzing the article, there should be some positive features about it.

  • Skipping the main argument

We include the main argument at the beginning of a paper so that the reader will know the position of the subject.

  • We base our analyses on proven facts, and rational arguments backed up with evidence. We do not use personal opinions
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The first thing will be reading the article and understanding it fully. It will be impossible to critique an article you barely understand. Get the message the writer aims to convey. Reread the article and try to make some analyses. Before you start to gather any evidence concerning the article, try to have a rough opinion about it. Read the article as many times as possible, to develop a sound critique.


Article critique writing
Article critique writing

What are some of the things you should pay attention to?

Check whether the author of the article is rational

Analyze the Introduction and conclusion of the article and compare it to the main argument. Check whether the author did proper research when writing their work. Still, check the practicality concept of the article. Is it applicable in real-life situations?

Check if the writer is biased

Sometimes, a writer may be biased in a specific direction, if they are going to gain from their discussion. Look out for points that have influenced by issues such as gender, race, politics, and ethnicity. You can easily point out a biased writer as they will not give evidence that may contradict their point. Still, they do not cite their points.

Study the style elements carefully

This is important, especially in literary critics. Pay attention to tone and word choice.

Sections of an article critique writing guide


The Introduction contains the following

  • The article title
  • Name of the author
  • Main points in the article
  • The publisher and date of publication

The Introduction should not have more than two paragraphs.


Provide evidence for your analysis. Have several arguments. Each argument should be in its own paragraph. Each should begin with a topic sentence, followed by other supporting sentences. Evidence in the supporting sentences should be derived from the article itself and other reliable external sources.

Summary of the article

After completing your thesis, write the summary by discussing the following in your own words:

  • Main points discussed in the article
  • Arguments presented
  • Findings of the article

Article analysis

Explain why your opinion is right. In the last paragraph, have a summary of your main points. Explain the relevance of your critique in detail. Ensure you leave a lasting impression on anyone who reads your critique. You can do this by giving a question that will make them do some research to get answers, a rhetorical question, a call to action.

Critique the article. Do this by:

  • Discussing the weaknesses and strengths of the article after carefully reading it
  • State your opinion. Use examples derived from the article. Analyze its relevancy, accuracy, and clarity.


The conclusion should summarize the main points discussed in the article, and also the points from your analysis. Lastly, comment on the importance of the research or future research required in the field.

Article critique writing guide on APA

A lot of professors pay great attention to the format of any given work. You may have great content but a poor format. This will result in poor grades. The most popular formatting style is APA. The format has specific guidelines one must follow. The following is a structure of the format


The introduction ha 150-250 should be on a separate page. Include an ‘abstract’ title centered at the top of the page.

Body paragraphs

This includes the main paragraphs of your work. Describe all details to deliver an argumentative critique. Outline the methods you used.


It summarizes the points you discuss in the body.

Reference page

This is the last page of the paper. The reference page includes the sources cited in the text. The references should be written according to APA requirements that includes

  • Last name of the author or authors
  • Initials
  • Date of publication
  • Title
  • Source name (italics)

In APA format, the paper should be double spaced using a 1-inch margin.

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