Read two magazine articles about a global business that includes issues about cross-cultural differences. After reading the two articles, write the following for each:1. Article information:article name, source (magazine name), date/edition, pages, web address if available.2. Summary:a short summary of the article.3. Cultural lessons:one paragraph that describes one or two aspects of culture that are illustrated by the article.4. Implications for business communication:Explain how these aspects of the culture would impact conducting business with members of this culture.Article 1: Tips for Managing a Cross-Cultural WorkforceArticle: How to Avoid Cultural Missteps When Doing Business With Other Countries. View Less >>
3 Tips for Managing a Cross-Cultural Workforce: Due to the economic globalization, most of the companies have their offices across the globe and once center office time begins when others closed. So to handle these kinds of business culture cross culture management need to be enforced so that it can be ensured that positive communication is happening across the people and healthy work environment can be created with mutual cooperation and respect for each other. Companies management have to embrace the diversity and promote the cross-cultural events and cross-cultural visit for the employs so that people can understand each other and have apathy with others. Get solution

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