Youneed to briefly describe your topic which is Area 51 in Americaand critically compare the evidence put forward by each side. You are not marked on your ability to describe the topic, but rather how you provide two sides of a case, then judge which is the strongest and provide reasons for your judgment—remember: this is an argumentative essay. You are not graded on the position you take, but rather on how you support your arguments and address relevant counterarguments. View Less >>
Area 51 is an Air force base of United State and this place is secluded from the public. No One is permitted to enter this area without permission. People believe that the US government performs an extraterrestrial activity in this place. Some people think that they and US government rescue aliens are trying to create a hybrid of alien and human. They use alien technology from UFOs for their own advantage. However, proper evidence of these myths is not available. Get solution

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