Write a short report outlining the advantages and disadvantages of population-wide versus targeted approaches to health improvement. Illustrate your discussion with an analysis of a specific health condition with respect to screening and the concept of risk reduction or early intervention.Health conditions:1) Diabetes Mellitus2) Hypertension View Less >>
In healthcare assessment, there are several approaches which can be helpful in determining the further route for the determination of possible intervention and health improvement.Both these approaches are quite different in nature with respect to the way they aim at educating people about certain health conditions.In this report, we will aim to differentiate between the population-wide approach versus the targeted approach for an important health condition, namely: hypertension. The population-wide approach for any health conditions aims to educate and promote the practices to an entire population at once by educating them about the condition and how it is to be tackled. The population-based approach is often considered to be of more value as it is not only more cost effective but it is also better in reaching out to a large number of people at once (WHO, 2015). Get solution

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