Part 1: In Paris is Burning, the subjects of the film use dance and movement as forms of expression. Discuss these bodily practices in relation to socioeconomic class. Bring gender OR race into your discussion as well. Part 2: Consider the intersection of language and taboo. What kinds of words or forms of speech become taboo, and why? Make reference to both Lakoff & Johnson and Mary Douglas Part 3: Discuss the relationship between creation myths and cultural reproduction, particularly group identity and values. Draw from Thomas King’s “The Truth About Stories” (link to audio in lecture 5 slides). View Less >>
Paris is burning was a documentary made in 1990 by Jennie Livingston. The documentary is based on the community made by the homosexual and transgender people who were rejected by their families and societies. These people have a fear to go and mingle with the white and straight people as they think that those people will not accept them. In the documentary, there is a “ball society” made for such people (Levy , 2006) and in the documentary, they are described as the subjects. The subjects in the ball society also participate in dance competition. It was not a normal and a cute dance competition. The competition was all about how the subjects present themselves and freeze to pose. It means that the way a person dresses and poses, it depicts the type of cultural behavior a person is having as the bodily dressing and posing is the expression of the language and culture of a person. The director depicts that the people who are participating in the competition are free to dress and present themselves whatever they are. Their dressing for the competition will tell the culture. The maser of “voguing” is Willi Ninja, as described by the director. Voguing is a competition in which the dancers compete with each other to top in the position by using the bodily postures of high-fashion models (Levy ,2006) . Get solution

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