Ancient Egypt construction assignment

Ancient Egypt construction.


The ancient Egyptian construction is considered as one of the most important civilization that was influential throughout the history. Egypt is a country that contains attractive architectural temples, pyramids, tombs buildings and monuments that have attracted tourist for years. HIRE WRITERS ONLINE.

Ancient Egypt construction assignment help.
Ancient Egypt construction assignment help.

Egypt actually reached unmatched high levels of architectural design and construction engineering. Even at present it is still hard to conceive how they could have all those buildings and structure erected with such high levels of perfection and precision, using only primitive and naïve tools which are far incomparable with modern machinery and equipment.

There is arguments among historians and Egyptologist that ancient Egyptians were the first builders ever known in history of mankind, they thought humanity how to design and erect buildings thus laying grounds for  civilization of humans, urbanization and man’s settlement in a specific homeland of his own for the first time in history .Construction in Egypt was unceasing practice under the reign of the one king, several times houses of royalties were rebuilt and expanded, with  mural decoration refurbished or completed  under orders of the king whose role was to have temples erected or renovated

Tools and materials used in ancient Egypt construction.

Mud bricks.

They were made of Nile mud a mixture of clay and sand sometimes mixed with bits of straw or animal droppings. This was mixed with water to form a malleable mass then pressed into moulds this moulds were then left to dry in the sun some mud bricks were baked in a kiln. Mud bricks were used to construct great monuments homes and palaces.


Limestone was a material of choice in construction of pyramids in ancient Egypt it was the main body of pyramids and was used for the outer casing. High quality limestone was quarried and mined at Tura.


Stones was the main raw construction material in Ancient Egypt. Stones were used in the construction of the famous pyramids, precious temples and tombs and also palaces.  Immense of Building stones were quarried systematically and transported over extreme distance to Cairo. 11 most popular stone types were used in ancient Egypt construction

Copper pickaxes

  A copper pickaxe is a v shaped hand tool its head is made of copper matel attached to a perpendicular wood. They were used to mine ores and many other types of blocks in ancient Egypt


Granite is a light colored rock with grains large enough to be visible. Ritual vases, statues and monuments were made of granite since they were mixed with limestone they often favored gray and red granite quarried from Aswan.

Other tools and materials are hammer dolerite and wall picks.

 Post and lintel ancient Egyptian construction method

The ancient Egyptians used post and lintel method of construction for more than stone monuments they used it to make entire buildings out of stone be it temple, pyramids and even palaces which was much difficult. However the Egyptians were making small houses. They were constructing large palaces for kings and temples for gods for this Egyptians had massive slabs of stones to use as lintels, and great columns to support the weight .With this style of construction, the lintels became the roof supported by large walls and dozens of interior columns. This method is perceived as the oldest form of construction

Most famous ancient Egyptian constructions.

The pyramids

The pyramids have the sweetest deepest impressions in the whole world’s imagination. They are the greatest most attractive man made famous structure ever made in world’s imagination. They were built as tombs for the pharaohs and their queens. The pharaohs were buried in the pyramids of many different shapes and sizes. There are about eight pyramids known today from ancient Egypt the three best preserved pyramid are at Giza.


Skillful ancient Egyptians constructed more sophisticated methods of transporting earth and stone to build defenses structures for preparation of war. Fourteen fortresses were ingeniously built on the islets and mountains lying between the first and third cataracts on the Nile by Snorsert III. The fortification built by ancient Egyptians is similar to the great wall of china they later adopted the common Asian fortress design known as Migodol which was almost similar to the European castles in the middle ages, Egyptian fortresses were totally invulnerable.

Edfu Temple

Edfu was the capital of the second region in Upper Egypt. It was city of great importance and prosperity and it owed its fame to a spacious Ptolemaic temple, one of the most religious monuments I Egypt .The 137m long, 79m wide, and 36m high temple is still exceptionally almost intact.

Karnack temple

Karnack temple is a world where one may get totally lost. This temple was constructed with thoughtful art or architecture in a superb and extensive scaly by the ancient Egyptians. For one to perceive the overall system of this building one should climb the top of the first edifice built there.


 This is a four-sided, narrow tapering monument which ends in a pyramid like shape. Ancient Egyptians used to build two obelisks one at each side of the temple gate, a single obelisk was erected at the center of the temple .obelisks were reminders of the sun cult. Made of red Aswan granite, very little is yet known about how those structures were curved transported or erected since the weigh hundreds of tones.

Ancient Egypt construction.
Ancient Egypt construction.

Ancient Egypt construction and Religion.

Ancient Egypt construction was inseparably associated with religious rituals. Temples and tombs figured high within the main religious rituals. Ancient Egyptian words were used to describe architectural drawings, construction work and foundations well as the purpose of religious building. Buildings themselves with their form were stone incarnation representation of religion and rituals. According to ancient Egyptian beliefs in ancient times such buildings, made of very solid material had power of giving life through power of magic through simulation even if no rituals were performed. Pyramids was compared to the first hill where the sun was first born.

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