ANALYZING MODERN AND HISTORIC SPEECHES 20% Log on to TEDTalks, YouTube or to explore famous speeches made by prominent figures. Compare and contrast two speeches, set at least 40 years apart in history. Discuss what makes each speech successful, and also consider their less successful points.SPEECHES THAT HAVE BEEN COVERED IN CLASS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE: (NB, “I Have a Dream by MLK is not eligible). The speeches you choose should have a common thread of some sort, either due to the topic the theme or the speakers.Submit an analysis of 1000 words, which compares the two speeches in an integrated way (example, do not analyze one in its entirety, and then the other in the next paragraph—instead, draw parallels between the two). To demonstrate mastery of the concepts discussed in the course be sure to reflect on the following points:• Opening• The influence of age, culture, gender, roles and values in the context of these speeches.• Content• Structure• Language used• Rhetorical devices• Contrast/Balance• Appeal to emotion vs logic• Connection to the audience• Motivation theory• Body Language• Use of a Persona• Organization of the speech• Memorable highlights• Conclusion View Less >>
The two topic of discussion in this assignment are – “Message to Grassroots” by Malcolm X(delivered on 10 November 1963) and “Refugees want empowerment, not handout” by RobertHakiza (August 2017). Malcolm X was a human right activist and an African-AmericanMinister. This speech is considered as a black nationalist philosophy(, 2018; X, 1963;, 2018). Robert Hakiza is founderYoung African Refugees for integral development (YARID). The speech discusses the cause ofrefugees (Hakiza, 2017). Both the speeches are talking about a cause to human prosperity. The difference is they weredelivered at different times. Although belonging to the different era the talks begin withaddressing the topic. Get solution

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