Requirements Use R comprehensively for data sourcing, manipulation, visualization, summarization, and analysis. Export key output from R into a powerpoint presentation that ultimately draws key conclusions about MLS Salaries and Attendance. Here is a key for positions: GK (Goalkeeper), D (Defender), D-M (Defensive Midfielder), M (Midfielder), M-F (Attacking Midfielder), F-M (Attacking Midfielder), F/M (Attacking Midfielder) (Forward). For the purposes of this assignment, just join together M-F, F-M, F/M into one label à M-F. View Less >>
Reading the data into R: mls_s = read.csv(“MLS_2018_Salaries.csv”, header = T)mls_a = read.csv(“MLS Attendance 2018.csv”, header = T)sal = mls_satt = mls_a Get solution

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