The goal of this assessment is to strengthen your knowledge of musical devices and their association to the development of imagery, storytelling, style and context. In selecting the repertoire you will need to analyse the manipulation of musical elements and evaluate its ability to support your argument. View Less >>
Essay on the Analysis of “I am Australian” by The Seekers I am Australian By the Seekers – Released during 1987Composers: Bruce Woodley, Dobe NewtonMusic for a nation binds the people together, brings them all at one place and simulates emotions which unite them all together. One such song is “I Am Australian” by The Seekers which is considered to be one such song which does the exact same thing to the people who listen to it.  The techniques used for the analysis of the song are the use of musical instruments, metaphor and imagery.  The music of this song is particularly catchy with guitar as the base instrument. Guitar has its own folksy appeal and can turn anything into romantic, quick, and catchy. What the composers of this song do well is to bring in the proper amalgamation of various instruments in a way that they are not undermined by the overlapping guitar sounds, and are able to retain their own individual appeal to the audiences as well. The cello which is played with the exact timing and precision too adds husk to the song.Cello and guitar are two very different stringed instruments which are often played with extreme caution. While guitar has a more quirky and off-beat sound, adding more life and fun to the music, Cello is a sophisticated instruments which adds passion, vintage and a base for other sounds to bounce upon. The ultimate playing of the chords in C minor have gone right with the temperament of the music so it does not sound too overwhelming to the user.  Get solution

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