Investigate a form of the (formal) report written in your industry (or at your workplace) and research what makes it effective. Critically analyse specific characteristics and justify your choices. Consider using examples to back up your statements.You may select any form of the formal written report, such as: • financial reports • marketing report • workplace health&safety report • technical reports • field reports • scientific reports • business reports View Less >>
Workplace health and safety issues are constituents of one of the vital elements that concern itself with the safety and well-being of the employees working in the organization. The report is a document that highlights the criteria of workplace health and safety issues in a detailed and organized manner; focusing on specified case studies that have been undertaken along with the results and observations derived from the case study, as well as, ensure the overall well-being of the employees. A report on workplace health and safety issues is prepared in accordance with consultation from the employees of the organization. The health issues and safety measures at the organization will ensure the overall well-being of the employees, resolution for conflicts and their restraining. It takes into account the necessities for supervising and evaluating every activity in connection with safety at the workplace with a viewpoint of improved progress in the safety and health being of the employees at the organization. Get solution

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