Ch 2: looks like you have defined what you mean by Production Sharing Agreement in Ch 1. This is important. “the researcher would basically focus on highlighting the concept of Production Sharing Agreement by analysing various journal articles of different scholars around the world.” – not really consistent with the title or aim. Ch 2: “multitude of studies and researchers that have assessed the effectiveness and the issues related to PSA in different oil producing countries (Okoli, 2012). Therefore, a review of the plethora” – avoid such words, or the 2nd assessor will expect to see 100 references. “Lastly, recommendations have been laid out that aims to improve the status of PSA in the oil and gas industry.” – no, not the purpose of a Lit Rev unless you are critically reviewing recommendations in the literature. Recommendations go in the final chapter. When you write about the PSA, be careful not to confuse “production sharing agreement” using small letters, which means PSA in general, with “Production Sharing Agreement” in capitals, which is a reference to *ONE* specific PSA. “Finally, Service Contracts are” – avoid unnecessary caps when you are writing generically. “There exists a gap in literature in terms of how the PSA contracts would sufficiently attract the international oil companies to enter into the agreement.” – good. Will your work fill part of that gap? Ch 3. “it assists in gathering all the valuable information” – add “and analysing”. “There are two different types of Conclusive Research Design which can be used by the research depending on the nature of the research such as Casual Research and Descriptive Research.” – citation? I see in 3.4 you seem to have stepped away from the Onion framework. View Less >>
The concept of Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) is basically considered to be a type of agreement or a contract between two organisations. The most common form of Production Sharing Agreement which is mostly seen in the modern world is the agreement between the government and either a single or group of companies (especially extraction companies) for the purpose of collecting natural resources from the environment. Production Sharing Agreement done between both the organisation helps in clarifying the exact amount of resources such as oil would be extracted from the country and the appropriate share that should be distributed among both the parties (Shebubakar, 2015). The concept of Production Sharing Agreement was first introduced during the early 1950s in Bolivia but however, the similar implementation was conducted in Indonesia in the 1960s (Botchway, 2011). Currently, this form of the agreement is usually observed mainly in Central Asia and the Middle East largely due to the fact the availability of gas and oil are most commonly found in these particular regions of the world. The workings of the concept of Production Sharing Agreement are simple in nature as it starts with the process of exploration and production of oil from the earth’s crust. Furthermore, in this process, it has been seen that the oil company or the contractor is provided with the authority to control and monitor the entire extraction process starting from exploring, developing and finally producing the fields. During this process of exploration and development, the contractors also face the issue of financial and mineral risks associated with the oil extraction process. Once the process of development of the field is done, the contractors are entitled to utilise the money generated from produced oil with an aim to recover the costs Get solution

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