a)Choose two (2) theories of leadership out of the ten (10) outlined in Week 2, and then compare and contrast these in terms of how they contribute to your understanding of leading. (½ of the marks) Theories The Great Man Theory The Big Five Model Contingency Theories Charismatic Leadership Power and Leadership Transactional Leadership Transformational Leadership Servant Leadership Social Capital Leadership Authentic Leadership b) Discuss an example of a leader for each of these two perspectives. These can be leaders from your workplace or leaders who you research in the library or on the internet. Briefly explain the leaders’ background and achievements, and then focus on their leadership style and how it illustrates one of the theories from this unit. (½ of the marks) Length: 2500 words (excluding end-text reference l Marking criteria • Effective summary of two conceptual approaches to leadership. • Effective explanation of an example of each of these approaches. • Explicit reference to specific aspects of leadership theory. • Analytical depth—comparing and contrasting leadership approaches and example leaders. • Clearly written. Effective introduction and conclusion. • Your viewpoint is clear, and is well argued—your rationale. • Clearly references materials and discussions from this unit. APA referencing View Less >>
Introduction The research paper compares and contrasts between “The Great Man Theory” and “The Big Five Model Theory” and their valuable contribution towards understanding of leadership. For each of these leadership perspectives, Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple Inc. has been selected as the leader under consideration for conducting the research work. In the latter half of the research paper, Steve Jobs background and his achievements have been discussed in greater details for reader’s ready reference (Allio, 2012). The paper then focuses on his leadership style and how he made use of “The Great Man theory” in his career for leading Apple Inc. to dizzy heights of corporate success. Get solution

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