What was the achievement of al-Farabi? Why is he important for the history of Islamic thought In my essay mention the notion of religion within the context of Islam is synonymous with questions of faith (iman), theology (kalam), jurisprudence (fiq), tradition (sunna), law (sharia) the state within the context of Islam is typically an extension of Islamic tenets and relates to questions about governance, leadership, just rule, guidance of the people, holy war View Less >>
The great Al-Farabi was an enormous thinker. Abu Nasr al-Farabi was the tremendous founder of philosophy in the Islamic sphere. He is known as the second ‘Aristotle.’ He was born in Kazakhstan around 870. He left his time span in 950. The maximum tenure of his life spent on the career activities (Great Thinkers, n.d.). The activities were teaching, reading and writing in Baghdad. Being an Islamic he had the passion to learn the Greek language. During the last phase of his life, he left his place and migrated in Damascus and leave his last breath. This is all because of political unrest. When we take al-Farabi as a writer then till now less than half work discovered. But whatever we are considering that shows the illustration of the original philosopher. He wrote for different fields as like;music, physics, metaphysics, logic, politics and reviews on both Plato and Aristotle. All the political writings are available in the English language. This is because of reliable translations of Charles Butterworth and the Muhsin Mahdi. Get solution

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