The assignment has two parts namely Part A (65 points) & B (35 points). Part A will require you to undertake research using the website of the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) or the Australia Company that you have chosen. Part B will involve a case study. The assignment aims to develop an understanding of financial statements structure and their use in decision-making. The task is to choose a publicly listed company from the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) which should be approved by your lecturer as not to have the same companies from other groups and analyse the financial statements. This group project itself includes several assignments, each of which comprises a part of the students’ task. However, it is well encouraged to include any additional information that students may think will be useful in conducting financial statements analysis of the selected company. General Rules and Requirements: The report should be prepared by a group with a maximum of three members. Reports must be confined to 2,500 words (+/- 5%). For Part A, a title page, table of contents page (based on your report headings), introduction, conclusion and references should be included. Font type should be Arial (size 11), paragraph spacing should be 1.5. For part B, follow the instructions in the assigned case or problem. Note: Any additional material from external sources that you “copy and paste” into your report is NOT included in the word limit. Also, ensure it is appropriately referenced. Please download the attached file. View Less >>
ADG Global services, established in 1994, has its presence in Australia, United Kingdom and Sierra Lone. The company has its verticals in Industrial products, Global procurement and supply chain management, supply chain management being the vital part contributing to the company’s profitability. Talking about the Industrial products business division, the company manufactures and distributes products for Maintenance, repairs and operations, that includes workwear, personal protective equipment and off-the road tyres. Global procurement division deals with the international sourcing and supply of products and capital equipment.  The vertical supply chain encompasses services such as global logistics, freight forwarding, in-country operations and logistics support. The company has superior information systems and its specialist services help in the effective management of its supply chain management services. Company focuses on diversifying its business in order to acquire clients across the globe, while at present the company has established global presence in 45 countries, it endeavours to extend its reach worldwide. Company has recorded a revenue of $37,015,000 this year, with a major portion of this increase attributed to sales revenue from new clients acquired across the globe. The current market situation affected the company’s turnover this year, which showed a major decline of 53% due to the industrial cyclical downturn. Talking about future company prospects and business plan, company to innovate its industrial products and also plans to diversify due to the major decline in cash inflow from operating activities. Get solution

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