Abnormal psychology assignment help

Introduction to abnormal psychology assignment help

Abnormal psychology is concerned with understanding the nature, cause, and treatment of mental disorders. The topics and problems within the field of abnormal psychology surrounds us every day. Abnormal psychology is a fascinating field and is the most interesting areas in psychology. Psychologist are trained to ask questions and conduct research though not all people who are trained in abnormal psychology conduct research, they rely heavily on their scientific skills and ability both to ask questions and to put information together in coherent and logical ways. HIRE WRITERS ONLINE.

Abnormal psychology assignment help

The importance of abnormal psychology

  1. Abnormal psychology provides us with the knowledge of knowing what normal behavior is and what is abnormal. Its only trough abnormal psychology that we can know the characteristics of patience with abnormalities.
  2. It is through the study of abnormal psychology that we understand the roles of neurotransmitters in carrying information across the synaptic gap to the next neuron. The neurotransmitters have vital role of play in the behavior of human organisms.
  3. The study of human psychology provides us information about adverse consequences of stress related problems in human life. A careful understanding that stress in its exhaustion stage can kill only be known in the field of psychology.
  4. It is through the study of abnormal psychology that we acquire the knowledge of how biological and genetic factors may create a predisposition toward eating disorders.

Characteristics of abnormality according abnormal psychology

Suffering: if people suffer or experience psychological pain we are inclined to consider this as indicative of abnormality. Depressed people clearly suffer, as to people with anxiety disorders. Although suffering is an element of abnormality in many cases, it’s neither a sufficient condition that all case of abnormality must show.

Social discomfort: when someone violates social rule, those around him or her may experience a sense of discomfort or unease this is probably considered as example of abnormal behavior.

Maladaptiveness: maladaptive is often an indicator of abnormality. The person with anorexia may restrict her intake of food to the point where one is emaciated. The person with depression may withdraw from friends and may be unable to work for weeks or months.

Irrationality and unapredictabilty:  if a person next to you suddenly began to scream and yell obscenities at nothing , you would probably regard that behavior as abnormal. It would be unpredictable and it would make no sense to you.

Violation of the standards of society: all cultures have rules some of these are formalized aslaws. Others form the norms and moral standards that we are taught to follow although many social rules are arbitrary to some extent, when people fail to follow the conventional social and moral rules to their cultural group we may consider the behavior as normal.

Abnormal psychology assignment help

Causes of abnormal behavior

The first disorders recognized as having biological or organic components were those associated with gross destruction of brain tissue. These disorders are neurotically disease that are from disruption of brain functioning by physical or biological means and often involve psychological or behavioral aberrations.

These causes are:

  1. Hormonal imbalances

Some forms of psychopathology have been linked to hormonal imbalances. Hormones are chemical messengers secreted by a set of endocrine glands in our bodies imbalance of hormones causes a negative feedback we should know that imbalance of hormone can cause maladaptive behavior.

  • Genetic vulnerabilities

The biochemical process we have described above are themselves affected by genes. Genes consist of DNA molecules and are located in chromosomes. Genes can affect behavior only indirectly. Gene expression is normally not a sample outcome of information encodes In DNA but it’s rather the end product of an intricate process that may be influenced by environment

  • The relationship between genotypes and phenotypes

A person’s total genetic endowment is referred to as his genotype. The observed structural and functional characteristics that result from an interaction of the genotype and the environment are referred to as persons phenotype the genotype may affect the phenotype thus causing disorders.

  •  Imbalances of neurotransmitters.

One of the basic tenet of biological perspective today is the belief that neurotransmitters imbalances in the brain can result to abnormal behavior and most researchers agree. This is the only etiology of most disorder.

  • Temperament

Temperament refers to a child’s reactivity and characteristics ways of self-regulation. When we say that babies differ in temperament, we mean that they show difference in their characteristics emotional and arousal responses to various stimuli and their tendency to approach or withdraw various situations this stage when omitted causes abnormality in future

  • Brain dysfunction and neural plasticity

Deficiencies of brain structure or function are implicated in many mental disorder or abnormality. The use of sophisticated new neuroimaging techniques to study the brain functions and structure have helped reveal the causes of mental disorders. Neural plasticity is the flexibility of the brain in making changes    organization and function response of experience.

Classification of mental disorders in abnormal psychology

Mental retardation

It is defined as significantly sub average general intellectual functioning that is accompanied by significant limitation in adaptive functioning in certain skill areas such as self-care, work, health and safety for diagnosis to apply these problem must have before the age of 18

Mood disorders

This is often characterized by intense and unrealistic feeling of excitement and euphoria and depression, which usually involves feelings of extraordinary sadness and dejection. Some people experience both this kinds of moods one time and another and others depression

Eating and sleep disorder

 Victims have an intense fear of being fat and severely restrict their food intake at pint of starvation despite being emaciated. Sleep disorder is when on experience insomnia lack of sleep caused by experiences

Other disorders are:

Psychotic substance disorders: intoxication, harmful use dependence, withdrawal state; alcohol, caffeine tobacco, cannabis cocaine and heroin.

Neurotic disorder: anxiety disorder. Phobic anxiety disorder. Obsessive compulsive disorder. Panic disorder. Dissociative disorder etc.

Personality disorder, antisocial, paranoid, emotionally unstable, Historic narcissistic etc.

Sexual and gender identity disorder. Sexual desire disorders, sexual arousal disorders paraphilia’s, fetishism, etc.

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