Ashortdescriptionofthesetting,thecontextordomain MNN is an English institution based on Melbourne Australia. MNN offers academic and general English courses. The academic courses aim to provide students with language and academic skills such as essay writing and presentation skills. These skills are important for their academic success. The general English courses in the other hand are designed to help students to gain necessary English skills to be able to communicate in English in daily life situations. In order to accommodate student with different language ability, there are different level of academic and general courses. MNN has well educated English teachers. In addition it adopts variety of teaching style such as online learning, conversations circle…etc to achieve the desirable outcomes. Students who study in the institute came from different works of life young and old, students and workers. They enrolled in the courses to learn English as second language for different reasons and purposes. Purposeofthemanual In order to achieve their educational goals and objectives as well as their business ones, educational organizations need a constant review and assessment of their educational aspects. This includes teaching style, courses, curricula and teachers’ performance. Feedback from students is very critical for the organisation, which assist MNN English language centre in our case in the review and assessment stage. Thus, this manual will help MNN language centre to develop a survey to obtain high-quality information about the educational aspects from students who finished or currently enrolled in one of the courses that the English centre offers. Explanationofthequantitativemethod,itsuses,advantagesanddisadvantagesetc Quantitative method is to gatherdata in numeric form and analysis it using statistical tool in order to draw conclusion on a particularissues (cite). Quantitative methods are the use of scientific methods to investigate social phenomena. It aims to provide the researchers about relationship between variables. It also explores opinion on or attitude toward particular issue or problems. No Advantages Disadvantages 1 Generalisation Do not provide deep understanding of a phenomena 2 Objective There is interaction between participant and researcher to large sample – generalisation – objective – explore the relationship between groups or the opinion , attitude or behaviour of population on particular issue … Applicability of using quantitative method in this context The advantages & disadvantages of Quant Stepbystepexplanationtocompletethetask&Includeillustrativeexamples The institution asked us to provide them with a manual on how to develop a survey to measure the students’ satisfaction on the following aspects : Type of courses offered by the institution Teaching style The curriculum adopted Teachers’ performance Steps on developing a survey Planning and Preparation phase of a survey. Step 1: describe the purpose and objectives of the survey. Start with outlining the purpose and the objectives from the survey. This should be clear and specific. This should be followed by specifying who will used the result and how. For example the purpose of this survey is to find out students opinion about the educational aspects of the language centre. The result will be used by management in the review and assessment to improve the quality of courses, teaching methods … etc. Step 2: What kind of information the survey we should be collected It is important to determine what information we want to collect Information that will be collected is the perception and opinion of students on educational aspects of the language centre. Step 3: Define the population In this stage (students who have taken any courses or currently enrolled in courses) Data collection media or Type of survey (Self- administered questionnaire) Paper questionnaire Online questionnaire Advantages & disadvantages Question types Writing the questionnaire Laying the questionnaire Piloting the questionnaire Ethical issues & considerations International Surveys Transilation View Less >>
Ace Plastics is a small scale company involved in manufacturing plastic products. These products are widely used by low and middle-level segment of the consumers. They sell under the brand name of ‘Ace Plastics’.  The company employs 100 employees altogether in all the business fields i.e. accounting, manufacturing, marketing and other staff. The company employs all kinds of employees. There is skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labor. The compensation offered to each employee is more or less same. The goal of the company is to achieve high sales and attract new customers. The company is facing a problem with regard to its labor. Of late there has been lot of labor moving in and out of the organization. This is a matter of concern for the company as a lot of time, effort and money gets wasted in employing new labour. ‘Ace Plastics’ is an employee-centric organization and believes that happy and contended employees deliver fruitful and productive results. To gauge if the employees are satisfied in the organization, and if they are aware of their career direction, the company make consistent attempts to gain this information, one of such measures is the employee satisfaction survey conducted with the employees. Through the employee satisfaction surveys, ‘Ace Plastics’ gathers thorough and precise information that relates to the culture as well as approach, which forms the fundamental organizational workforce. (Gallagher, 2013) The analysis of this survey helps the management of the organization to understand the concern areas and the areas that are appreciated by the employees. With these outcomes, further strategies and actions are planned and executed by the management. This manual would assist ‘Ace Plastics’ to be able to build up a survey for attaining information of high-quality regarding the employees attitude, thought, perception, and eel pertaining to the environment of ‘Ace Plastics’. The goal o the management is to ensure that they take all the possible steps to ensure employee satisfaction. Get solution

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