A research project – where the main output is a mini-thesis. In this type of project, you will conduct a complex piece of research relating to a singular research topic. These projects will require you to collect, analyze and report on primary and/or secondary data, and most often requires the submission of an ethics application (if applicable, data collection work can only start upon ethics approval). You must state upfront in the cover page of your project plan, what category your project falls into, All students are expected to present their project idea briefly in a 10-minute presentation View Less >>
The assignment focuses on the study of blockchain technology used in health care industries. It would highlight the changes that the technology would provide to healthcare industries including the improvements of the health care systems, increasing the privacy, interoperability, and security of the medical data of the patients. The study focuses on the improvements in recording data electronically and their significant objectives. The study examines the usage of blockchain in the healthcare sector and its influence on the care services to the care users. Along with its benefits of using blockchain technology, some major risks need to be detected earlier to overcome these risks safely. Get solution

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