You have to select a suitable case study related to ICT, Engineering sector or from the given lists at the end of this document. A case study is an event or an occurrence of a situation related to ethical and codes of conduct issues. For instance, a newspaper article about a company’s disposal of toxic waste damaging the environment. Consider two cases studies on the selected topic for analysis and comparison. Provide analysis of these two cases studies for comparison purpose. View Less >>
This particular assignment deals with train disaster in Australia. Train disaster has been a common incident occurring in Australia as well as other countries as well. This report focuses on two particular articles or cases on train disaster that happened in Australia. The two different cases are further compared in order to understand the intensity of the accident and it’s consequences. The report thus explains the case scenario, the impacts and the ways in which the train disaster can be managed. Several reasons are there for that particular incident which must be mentioned. Out of all the reasons, design of the system of signaling, poor performance of the brakes of train, improper allocation of human resource, signaling issues, distracted crew and their workload, the improper role-play of driver who was supervising the travel,different psychological and medical factors of the crew, fatigue, requirement of sleep,inadequate rest of the working unit. Get solution

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