It is a team assignment to be undertaken by teams of at least 3, and at most 4 students. The assignment is to be completed in a report format with a focus on The Warehouse Group and a specific focus on one of its specific brands/divisions as listed hereunder: “THE WAREHOUSE” View Less >>
Organization Background The Warehouse Group was founded in 1982 by Stephen Tindal and is also known as TWG. It is the largest retail group operating in New Zealand. It comprises of different subsidiaries such as Warehouse Stationary, Torpedo7, The Warehouse, and Noel Leeming. The company opened the store in 1982 and in 1991 exceeded the sales volume by US $10 million (Cleeren et al., 2010). As per the financial reports of the company of 2017, the total revenues were around NZ $2,980,771,000. The total employees of the organization are around 12000. The major divisions that the organization operates include – discount retail department stores, selling a broad range of grocery and non-grocery products, entertainment products, apparel, sporting, technology and music, and also provides insurance products and value credit card products to the customers (Cleeren et al., 2010). There are nearly 20 categories across which the shoppers can buy from this organization. The headquarters are located in Auckland, New Zealand. However, today, with increased challenges in the market and due to heavy competition from other players, it is important for the senior management to deploy new strategies to achieve desired objectives in a given working environment.Organizational StructureIt is important to have appropriate organizational structure for the organization to ensure better working relationships and effective communication. As per one of the research studies it is found that majority of the organizations lack proper organization structure in a given environment (Abrahams, 2010). As a result, the ground-level staff are not able to communicate about their needs to the senior management. In the case of the Warehouse, it is following the divisional structure to focus on span of control, improving coordination, improving interactions, and motivating on group thinking in a given work environment. As per the chart shown below, the CEO of  Get solution

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