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The 12 angry men is one of the best movies ever produced. It explores several spheres in life and how challenging it can be for a group of people to make a sound decision.

Professors use this movie to teach students negotiation skills, and how to avoid making decisions based on one’s prejudices but instead, look at things from a unique perspective.

Professors give students assignments to write an essay about the movie. For a student to score good grades in this essay, they have to include a clear outline of the movie, a compelling introduction, flowing bo

Get Custom Writing Help from Acemywork

Get Custom Writing Help from Acemywork

dy and a conclusion that sums up the essay. At the acemywork, we offer you the best 12 Angry men movie Assignment writing help.

Synopsis of the 12 Angry Men Movie

Twelve men sit in a jury box, and the judge instructs them to reach a ruling for a first-degree murder trial. The accused murderer is 18 years old, and the 12-member jury is almost sure the boy is responsible for killing his father. So, all the jurors but one vote for a guilty verdict. For the ruling to be reached, all the juries have to vote guilty. So, that is not going to happen since one of them has voted not guilty.

The juror who voted a not guilty says he wants to have a conversation first before sending the accused boy to the electric chair. He has some details about the case that have been disturbing him and brings them on the table. However, the other jurors deeply feel that he should just let everything go and vote a guilty verdict. He tells the foreman to take a second vote, but he won’t participate in voting this time round. The juror goes ahead and says that if all the other members vote a guilty verdict, he will join them too.

Surprisingly, the voting is conducted, and one of the jurors votes a not guilty

Juror number 8 has some interesting evidence. There is a special knife that the boy was suspected to have used in murdering his father, and a storeman says that he sold the knife to the boy on that fateful night he is accused of having killed his father. This juror removes a knife that resembles the one in question and proves that the knife is not unique, as the other jurors are convinced to believe. This makes him get more support for his not guilty vote.

As the conversation goes on, it’s clear that some jurors only want to get the accused on the electric chair, and not digging deep whether he committed the murder or not. As the conversation goes on, more not guilty votes come in.

More evidence emerges towards the end. One of the jurors questions how a witness, a woman, was able to wear glasses and look out of the window and saw the accused buy murder his father, while on the other side of the street. This is because no one wears their glasses when trying to get sleep. At the end of the conversation, more jurors change their verdicts from guilty to not guilty, and only two have opposing views. One of them says that the boy should be taken to the electric chair, due to his race. After the other jurors fail to listen to his rants, he also changes his verdict to not guilty.

At this point, only juror number 3 has not changed his verdict and still insists that the boy is guilty. This juror hasn’t seen his child for two years, and he is punishing the wrong person for his predicaments, that is the defendant.  He talks in a way that depicts strong emotions. It reaches a point that he has no other option but also to change his verdict and join the rest of the jurors. Juror # 8 goes out of that room, feeling proud about saving somebody’s else’s life. The jurors then get out of the room and never see each other again.

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