10 Tips In Writing An Impressive CV

Job hunting can be a thrilling adventure yet, for some applicants, the journey is rather stressful and disappointing. The path to your dream job can be uncertain, however, there are some ways to increase your chances of getting hired. Applying for a job is more like a marketing activity. But, instead of selling products or services, you are going to “sell yourself” but not as literally selling it as sex workers does. Picture yourself shopping online for something, a cellular phone for instance. You keep on scrolling up and down looking for the best unit to buy.

You compare and contrast the specs of one unit from another before you settle down which one you’d buy. Now, ask yourself, “Why did you choose that specific unit?” When you’re up for a job interview, it is an important reminder to always wear appropriately and make yourself presentable. But let us not forget that interviews is only the second step in the recruitment process. It is your CV (curriculum vitae) that will determine the fate of your application, whether you’ll go to the next step or you’ll look for another firm to apply for, thus it is imperative to make it presentable too. Remember, you are selling yourself! Needless to say, employers need to see what is it for them if they hire you. What can you contribute to the company? What important role will you be playing? Just like when you choose that phone unit among other choices, you need not only make yourself presentable but also, you need to come in full package! Offer employers your talent, skills and expertise that other applicants may be lacking. You have to make them believe that it is you they need.How to write a CV?At the back of your mind, you’re wondering about ways to improve your CV so that it can be an effective tool to seize the opportunities that comes in your way. Here are some tips to make it happen:Know the best time to use a CVA CV (Curriculum Vitae — Latin words which means “course of life”) is an academic document that describes the whole course of your career in a detailed manner. CVs commonly consists of 2 or 3 pages. It’ll be safer to stick with this minimum number of pages besides recruitment officers don’t have all the time in the world to read your CV.A CV contains details about your education, professional career, awards, honors and other achievements. CVs are mostly used for academic applications such as academic jobs, grants, research fellowships, etc. Choose the best CV format that works for you. It is important to find the best CV template that will  fit all your qualifications in it perfectly. If you are a fresh graduate and a first timer applying for a job then you must prioritize your educational attainment on the most upper part of your CV putting more emphasis on it but if you already have a working experience then make your professional summary in the first section of your CV.Supply your CV with all the right contact information. This is pretty obvious, the recruitment officers should be able to reach you should your CV passed the first screening so needless to say, it is important to put an updated and working contact information in your CV.Begin your CV with your personal profile. A CV summary or a CV objective can help you win the recruitment officers. If they feel that you have the same vision as them then they might feel that you can be an asset to the company. Remember to make your objective aligned with the company’s vision.Make a list of your relevant work experience & key achievements. Listing them would facilitate easy reading for the recruitment officer. It is advised to use bullet form rather than paragraphing because it is easier to highlight your qualifications. This section of your CV should boost your chance to be hired, thus it is important to choose carefully which among your work experiences and achievements are related to the job you are applying for.Supply your CV education section with correct and relevant information.

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Oftentimes, employers give more weight to your educational attainment next to your work experience because it gives them a hint of how well can you perform in the position you are applying. There are jobs that require a specific degree or level of educational attainment. Select only the relevant skills that are required for the job vacancy.Sometimes less is more. It doesn’t matter how many skills you’ve included in your CV, it will still not count a point if what they are looking for isn’t there. Here’s a clue, Use the keywords they’ve used in their job posts. Add a special section on your CV to impress your recruiter.If you have something to add that you think is relevant to the job you’re applying, then add them on your CV. This is your chance to somehow showcase your other desirable traits which will encourage them even more to hire you.Complement your CV with a professional cover letter.A cover letter summarizes your CV as well as express your intent to work on the company. A good cover letter could help you emphasize your quality as a person and as a worker in a brief description giving the employer more reason to hire you. Make sure to update your LinkedIn profile as well as other social media accounts.The modern way of background checking is through checking your social media accounts. Recruiters would like to find consistency in you. Your social media accounts will also give them a glint of your personality giving them a clue whether you are a good person or you will just caused them trouble in the future if they hire you.Recruitment process has changed dramatically in the past few years. It has become more complex and competition became more difficult. To get a headstart in the competition, you need to take the extra mile in writing your CV and if you still find it difficult to write your own CV, you can always use CV writing services. They have professional writers who can write you an impressive CV and all you have to do after you submit them to the recruitment officer is to wait for interviews and call-ins. Good luck on your job application!

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