1. Identify a multinational company operating in Australia. Provide a brief description of the company including the following (5 Marks): àThe industry the company operates in àNumber of staff in Australia ·àNumber of staff globally · àLocation of global headquarters 2. Identify any regulatory framework/s affecting the multinational company you have identified operating in Australia and discuss why and how it affects the company. For example, multinational corporations, like local companies, are subject to 30 per cent corporate tax (5 Marks) 3. Identify any treaties, conventions or agreements that have impacted on the products or services that multinational company provides in Australia. How does it impact the goods/services? (10 Marks) Should be in essay style covering all the question serially. Need 9 reference (3 each for 1 question) Harvard style From newspaper, Journals, Articles. View Less >>
Introduction BHP Billiton is a well-known company, set up in Australia and is one of the top most mining companies. The company operates its functions in steels and iron, oil and gas. Its headquarter is situated in Melburnian, Australia. The company was created in 2001, after the merger of the Australian BHP i.e., Get solution

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