1.Describe and exemplify, some different kinds of ambiguity. What is the difference between ambiguity and vagueness?
 2.What are deictic expressions? Exemplify, and discuss differences. View Less >>
Types of Ambiguity and its association with Vagueness: Ambiguity is pervasive within the framework of a linguistic ability or a natural language. Ambiguity is omnipresent but in most of the cases, we do not tend to notice the ambiguity that occurs in our daily lives. However, when we talk about ambiguity, we must understand that the concept of ambiguity is quite real and that it is important to understand the different forms of ambiguity that exists and occurs in the natural language(Solé and Seoane, 2015). The purpose of understanding and deriving the aspect of ambiguity is to master the grammatical and Get solution

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